With money, all their problems will fade away. Judy Joseph Hamlin lived this life and tells about it in her new book, From Riches to Happiness: A Semi-Autobiography by an Enlightened Orange County Woman.
Hamlin was married to a powerful man who gave her everything she and their children could desire financially…but nothing emotionally. Their marriage was a sham, with her husband working long hours and spending any free time he had pursing his own interests. “He was just some guy who lived in the same house. We barely even spoke to each other, much less saw each other. I spent all my time with the boys and he spent all his time at work. And he paid the bills. And that was the end of our story.”
The choice to divorce her husband was risky and frightening. Hamlin hadn’t worked outside the home for years, didn’t have a college education, and had no financial reserves of her own. How could she provide for her family? She first looked for another man to care for her, but when…

–Susan Albert, Editor: Story Circle Book Reviews

2009-finalistJudy Joseph Hamlin begins her book, From Riches to Happiness, by sharing a conversation with her soon to be ex-husband, John. When he dropped their sons off, he had seen a car in the driveway. That had set him on a tirade of how he intended to destroy her. Judy was from an affluent family. She and John were opposites. He worked long hours to attain more and more material possessions. He wanted the biggest, the flashiest, the best and the most expensive of everything. When Judy tried to discuss this with him he would became angry. Eventually she stopped trying to talk to him. Divorce was inevitable. We’ve all heard the term dirty divorce. Judy’s divorce was worse than dirty. He took her to court over the smallest things. By the time the divorce was final Judy was deeply in debt.Judy has a courageous spirit. She made mistakes but did not let that stop her from surviving. She went to college; she developed a product to sell. From Riches to Happiness is an encouraging read. Judy writes with more than a bit of wit. It is very easy to recommend From Riches to Happiness.

–Debra Gaynor, (Hawesville, KY USA)

A clear-eyed, up-close look at one woman s attempt to reinvent herself. Judy has something original to say on practically every page about taking control of one s own destiny.

–Patti Ann Bengen, author of New¬†Beginnings

A fascinating self-portrait of a woman cocooned in a loveless marriage who undergoes a metamorphosis and becomes the woman she always dreamed she d one day be. Compelling, even thrilling.

–Marie Leonarde, author of A Woman s Worth: My Life, My Struggle

From Riches to Happiness offers a deft mix of personal reflection, wit and frankness. An unusually exhilarating, insightful, fully observed self-portrait. Highly recommended.

–Vivekanand Palavali, MD, author of A Mindful Life

It’s been said a million times but the wisdom never seems to stick – money can’t buy happiness. “From Riches to Happiness: A Semi-Autobiography by an Enlightened Orange County Woman” is Judy Joseph Hamlin as she tells her story of abandoning a picture perfect life in the pursuit of true, non-material happiness. Encouraging women not to choose the path of their lives on the finances of their man, “From Riches to Happiness” is a motivating read that will help many women considering or who have already divorced.

–Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

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